Web design, hosting, email management and solutions for projects large and small.

Server Side, Client Side...
We do it all.

A truly inspired website is only possible when a designer embraces the goals, values and objectives of their clients. At Celestial Design, we have highly experienced and inspired designers, who listen to the clients carefully and embrace the philosophy of their business.

  • Web development from Start to Finish
  • Basic sites to advanced web applications using the best practices and latest technologies
  • interactive content rich with video, graphics and animation for a unique, engaging, and effective web presence
  • Custom music and sounds to set your site apart.
  • Professional quality graphics, layout, design and animation by experienced programmers who deliver highly useful and visually compelling websites
  • eCommerce, Blogs, photo-gallerys, calendars, contact forms... if you can think of it, we can deliver it.

Web design is absolutely riddled with technologies suited for very particular purposes, most with cryptic acronyms like XML and CSS and AJAX.

Celestial Design has been developing web sites for over a decade and has seen the advent of many of these technologies. We make it our business to stay up to date on best practices, latest technologies and proven strategies for cross-browser compatibility.

This makes Celestial Design a full service web development company. We have the skills to take your ideas and make them fly in Web 2.0 style.