A template site. Templates can serve as an excellent starting point and cut through hours of design time. This site has hundreds (perhaps thousands) of templates. Stay away from the free ones, though. You get what you pay for there.

Another template site. This one has many of the same ones as the site above, and some that are different. Again, the free ones are worth what you pay for them.

Obfuscate Email address

Obfuscate your email address on a web page so the spam bot crawlers don't harvest it.

DOM Interface Elements

The WWW consortium's DOM interface specifications.

CSS Properties

Some often used CSS properties


ieSpell is a free (for private use) spell checker for Internet Explorer. Use the spell checker when filling out forms, for blogs... anywhere you type stuff into Internet Explorer.

Relationship Rescue
"Words of Love for Men"

"Secret" Formulas for Mastering Intimate Relationships
Wendy & Mark Cicchetti

Using the Principles of The Secret and Laws of Attraction, this valuable publication offers concrete tools and solutions for improving relationships. These formulas can be used by men, women, parents and and for all significant relationships including children.

Misty's Essential Oil Blends

An exceptional line of signature oil blends created by Misty Tripoli for her Spirit Groove Dance and Yoga Groove classes along with a wellness collection for colds, flu, congestion, and restful sleep.

Alex Slattery Photography

Awesome cutting-edge photographer. Working with her is a dream.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

An excellent site for viewing up-to-date images of the universe at large. Everything from planets in our solar system to interstellar phenomenon and anomalies.

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