Celestial Design delivers your vision... in style.

  • You'll stand out from the crowd with a website by Celestial Design.
  • There are no cut and paste solutions here. Each site is created new and fresh in response to your vision. A color palette is suggested based on the type of company, service or product you provide and image you wish to project. I have extensive training in the psychology of color and it's use in web design and corporate branding.
  • Rather than rely on boxed programs and templates, I have learned the grassroots languages of the web; HTML, javascript, CSS, PHP and Flash are all used to the fullest extent possible to these native technologies. That means there are no limits to my ability to match your vision.
  • E-commerce and database solutions are customized to your needs. You call the shots.
  • Pages are optimized to be fast loading with browser compatibility in mind. I take care of the little details that ensure your message is delivered in the best light possible... professionally and with a "well designed" look and feel.
  • Your site will be optimized for Search Engine placement and accessibility. I keep up to date on what works and what doesn't.
  • Eye-catching animations and stunning graphics are just the start. Celestial Design can also do the server side programming it takes to make a truly functional site.
  • Existing corporate graphics including Logo, business cards and stationary can be incorporated to increase branding and provide continuity in customer experience.
  • Don't have a logo? We can use the layout and style of your web site to help you create one and even generate all the graphics your printer needs to make business cards, stationary, flyers and portfolios.


Mark Cicchetti's Certifications

oDesk Certified DHTML Developer
oDesk Certified PHP4 Developer
oDesk Certified Macromedia Flash 8 Designer
oDesk Certified Dreamweaver CS3 Designer
oDesk Certified JavaScript 1.3 Programmer
oDesk Certified CSS 2.0 Designer
oDesk Certified HTML 4.01 Designer

Samples for web and print

Studies of Color Psychology

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